The Colours Of Love

Well, accepting the challenge by a school friend of mine to write a post on idealizing romantic relations, titled “the Colours of Love”, here I write ~

It is love they say that blossoms amongst us.

It is love they say that keeps us together.

Is it just love?

Can love triumph all?

For me, love has always been overshadowed by respect, honesty, trust, understanding, care, happiness, and everything that I hold dearer than just love.

I guess the splash of colours to this intent of love would be a shade of Blue to begin with, since blue stands for depth and stability, besides symbolizing trust, understanding and loyalty; followed by both Pink and Red – Pink to signify compassion, care and well-being and Red to suggest passion, radiance, sensuality and sensitivity. I would also throw in Yellow as a sign of honest friendship; and Orange as well to depict warmth, happiness and respect. Streaks of white would also be welcome as would a tinge of black to highlight all the other colours.

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