The (un)Adulting Snippets

Did you ever wish there was a Handbook on Adulting?

I know I did. Still do, in fact!


This part of your life where you are re-parenting yourself into the person you want to be, besides taking on familial and social responsibilities with every passing year of life.

The (un)Adulting Snippets are bits of wisdom learned through pleasant, not so pleasant, incidences; that I wish I knew earlier. Words that I wish to tell my younger self.

(un)Adulting because I think we would do a much better job adulting if only we stopped reminding ourselves to act like grown-ups and reminded ourselves of how inquisitive and modest and innocent, we were as kids.

Here’s an (un)Adulting checklist to begin with –

  1. Caring for Thy Good Self – you can never pour from an empty cup!
  2. Learning – quite literally, there isn’t much else to do in life, is there?
  3. Living – at home; at work; in this big, wide world!
  4. Savouring – food is health and health indeed is wealth!
  5. Simply Being – with yourself and with others!

From one struggling adult to you, thoughts and questions that incessantly harp at our mental peace and sanity.

I hope this series of posts brings a moment’s silence and peace amidst the cacophony orchestrating our daily life.

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