Me, Who?

Bragging on about myself if I may, here it goes:

I’m an impertinent toddler stumbling her way across an aisle, blinded by the brightness in there. Striding one step forward only to be jostled three steps backward, wishing I were a walking-talking skyrocket and life a rocket launcher [or maybe not]!

I do believe that there is no hindsight in life, but treading over the same grounds again might just open your eyes to a new treasure trove that you never even knew existed. After all, what is life without hope and what is hope without apprehensions?

I choose to fervently hold on to the incessant belief in viewing the world through a child’s kaleidoscope..

Okay, I’ll rephrase that.

.. the incessant urge to view reality through my much prized (and nurtured) rationales.

A view that’s transparent yet tinted, brittle yet resistant.

An existence that’s beautiful while it lasts and when broken, revives from its very own shattered pieces!

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