“I’d rather not have it all in life, than not have me at the end of the day when I glance within.” ~ Li’l Ms. Sassy


This is where we learn to accept rejection and reject acceptance.
This is where we learn to make peace with our own mind at play.
This is where we learn to be, and let it be.
Also, to let them be.


Instead, if anything really does decide my abilities to make worthy social contributions, it is my job profile or a degree or an added certificate or an interesting, mindful hobby even.
Most importantly, the largest influencing factor of my social worth is who I decide to become as a person.


The human body is only meant to be healthy in mind, kind in emotion, and nurturing in action.


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Who Am I?

A Learner. A Researcher. A Criminologist.

Why “Li’l Ms. Sassy”?

“Li’l Ms. Sassy” is a pen name I took up in high school. I admit, it is a bit too jazzy for a sombre adult. However, it stands as a reminder of how and when and where and why I started writing. Hence, it stays as an anchor to my roots.

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